Tested out Drifter...

Yesterday I had the first sail for sometime and tested out the drifter sail.  It worked good but seems to be too small.  I will contact Rolly Taskers and have them make a bigger one for me.


Bulbs fitted...


Just prior to the earthquake I arranged to slip 'Natural High' for some further work and fit the bulbs that I have referred to earlier.

If you have been reading previous posts you will be aware that I added some additional buoyancy aft to compensate for the additional decking.  I deliberately overcompensated as I wanted to fit these bulbs as I figured that it would improve overall performance with additional waterline length and make it better for running 'downhill'.

The result was excellent.  We made the bulbs slightly smaller than originally planned.  This is because I made a decision to purchase a dive compressor which will be fitted under the aft seat, also to fit a DC air-con unit for the starboard cabin.  In addition I have decided to replace the current genset with another one built in Australia.

All of the above will add some weight aft of the center of buoyancy.  The compressor is on hand as is the air-con unit...just waiting for the delivery of the genset.

The trim of the boat is slightly down at the bow but when simulating the weight of the air-con, compressor etc it is, I am really happy with it.  The waterline is where it should be and I have been able to fit on all my extra 'comforts'.


Back to Normal...

Well sort of.  I have had no time to do either anything on the blog and very little on the boat since the end of February when we got hit with a massive earthquake here in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This followed on from a 7.2 quake here in Sept.  Although the Feb 22nd quake was a smaller one it was apparently the most violent every recorded under a city.  The vertical and side g forces were higher than anything every recorded before even in Japan.

Bottom line the devastation was significant with 900 building now being demolished in the CBD and about 10,000 homes.  Our factory was significantly damaged and we have had considerable business interruption...but, everything is now under control and I can resume the finishing of the final points for the boat.

If you are interested in this there is a lot of stuff on it on google...'Christchurch earthquake'

As a result of the disruption I have had to delay my departure from New Zealand for a year.


Some performance results...

Over the last few weeks I have been focusing on a multitude of little issues in commisioning the boat.  I will expand on the relevant ones over the next few weeks.

However, last Saturday I went out for a sail to test out a few systems.  I was also able to get a few interesting results which I am sharing with you now.

The below photos are as we were sailing down the harbor with a breeze around 20 - 25 knots.  You will note on the read out of the speed and wind that we were doing 11.2 knots in 22 knots of wind.  Later in the day when we were a few miles out at sea we recorded 14.4 knots in 30 knots of wind.  Unfortunately I didn't have the camera handy at that point.  We had full sail up and it rode beautifully.

I did take some video but I still haven't figured out how to upload it here...soon.

Another point of interest.  At 25 knots of wind and 11 knots of speed there was no spray at all, on any angle.  At 30 knots it was still dry until we reached over 13 knots and then we got the odd dose of spray...but, at no time did we have a wave 'thump' the underneath of the cockpit.



First sail photos...

Not a particuarly good photo.  Will get some more photos and get the video's sorted out as soon as I can.  Unfortunately I will be out of the country for a couple of weeks and the end of this week so, not sure if I can do it before then...but this will do in the meantime.


Additional storage...

Under the floor in the main cabins there is a surprising amount of space.  Because they are all watertight compartments they should never get water in the bilge so they should be able to be kept clean and dry.

I figure this are is a good place to stow canned food, bottles of wine and beer.

It is still quite accessible. 



This first photo is a general galley view  

The galley sink has two faucets.  One is for fresh water which runs through some good filters and gives good drinking water with no tainting.  The other is a sea water pump type.  The bottom of the rack for the cups can just be seen above the bench. 

Found a towel rack that slides under the sink out of the way.

On the inboard side there is plenty of room for the various jars of supplies.

Underneath the bench on both sides there is space for additional storage.

The steps were a handy place to put the paper towel holder.

Next to the stairs is one of the switch panels.

And just below that a garbage container...which has a lid in which a bag is inserted and transfer to a larg container in the port lazerette.



Master cabin...nav station.

I will be posting some photos of 'Natural-High' sailing along with some video's as I continue with the sea trials.  Spent a couple of days out on it over the weekend but left my camera behind.

Some people have written to me asking if I would post more photos up on the interior, so I will do just that over the coming weeks as everything is fine tuned. 

Today I thought I would post some on part of the master cabin and nav station (and the galley on a separate post).

The first photo is the nav station when viewed from the double berth. 

The next one is a closer up view of the nav station followed by a view of the 'desk' opened up.  There is a single USB port which will link to the laptop.  The feeds for the weather station, battery monitoring system etc all go into a multi port unit behind the single outlet.


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