Hulls turned over...

By early August the hulls had been turned over and preparations begun to remove the temporary bulkheads and replace them with Nidacore.

Nidacore is a lightweight composite material and is being used extensively throughout the boat.  The hull topsides are being built of this as are the bulkheads and funiture.  This will have a significant impact on reducing the overall weight of the vessel and help compensate for some other equipment which is is not normally present in a Tiki 38...such as a genset and watermaker etc.

The cedar planking along with the use of hightech cloths and epoxy has already enabled some significant weight savings compared to Creed's T38.


Keels added...

By the middle of July the keels had been added and glassed.


Hull Planking Completed

Early in July the cedar planking was completed.


Why a Wharram Tiki 38?

About 30 years ago a friend introduced me to Wharram catamarans...

The look of them appealed and the claims of sea-worthiness made sense to me.  At the time I was building a boat called a 'Shark cat' which was a power catamaran designed by Bruce Harris on the Gold Coast of Australia.  It was used for clearing shark netting off the coast of Queensland and had phenomenal performance in suft/bar conditions.

I will pass on some more experiences about these boats at a later time.

Anyway, I was intrigued by the Wharram catamarans and thought it would be nice to own one...but, I never did anything about it because I could not reconcile myself to sitting down for hours in one place and hardly moving.

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Why a Sailboat?

This is the question that some of my friends ask me when they know that I am building a sailing vessel.

The reason why they ask is no doubt because for the last 40 years I have had only power boats...all power catamarans ranging in 14' in length to 76' LOA and 27' beam...and all reasonably fast.  My 76' cat was capable of 30 knots and had a range of 4,000 NM at 20 knots.

From time to time I will post info on some of these previous boats.

I guess the short answer is that in years gone by I was always in to much of a hurry to get to where I was going.  That principle was inherent in almost everything I did.  Looking back on this period although I have no regrets I did tend to overlook the old but true saying 'the journey is more important than the destination'.

Now that I am older, and I hope a little wiser I realise that the journey and the present time is all that counts and it is futile trying to get somewhere faster and faster.  Therefore I am now learning to enjoy the moment and not be in a hurry and hence the transition from power boats to a sail boat although I will still keep my twin outboard power cat in New Zealand.



Construction begins...

In June 2008 construction of the hulls commenced. Unlike the 'normal' Tiki 38 which is in ply 'Natural High' is being built in cedar strip planking the same as Creed O'Hanlons 'Ahmad Bin Majid'

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