It's been a long time...
Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at 02:45AM
Warren Matthews

I haven't kept this blog up to date for the last few years.  It has been a busy few years but I have still had a lot of pleasant times on the boat mainly in Thailand and Malaysia.  For the last couple of years I have been keeping the boat in Langkawi, Malaysia which is a delightful island with lots of really good sheltered anchoring spots with good holding.

Fortunately the problems which plagued me with the batteries and the electric motors have been resolved. Torqeedo released a new pod motor which has proven to be a lot more robust than the previous ones.  They supplied me a couple of new ones for free in recognition of all the problems that I had.

I did change the battery bank to AGM's and the battery problems also went away.  However, given the significant advancements in Lithium Batteries I would reconsider them in the future.  In fact, I will be using them on the new boat I have just commissioned.

I will post details about the new boat shortly.  In brief it is a 60' sailing catamaran.  It is will be quite unique with many of the same features of Natural High.  The layout of Natural High has proved to be really great and after all this time I would not have changed anything.

The reason why I am building a new boat is that it will be a lot faster and of course have more room.  Because I don't need two boats I will be putting 'Natural High' up for sale.  I will be putting a package together outlining what will be sold.  I will post further details on this blog.

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