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Port Dickson Malaysia to Langkawi Malaysia...

As planned I sailed from Port Dickson to Langkawi Malaysia in January.  This leg was only about 260NM and quite uneventful.  Light winds but that was offset at times by favorable currents.

The day after arriving and checking into the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club Marina by main battery bank was fully drained.  When I tried to charge it up the battery bank would not take the charge as some more cells in one of the Lithium batteries had failed.  That was the last straw...I then had a local electrician take out the Lithium batteries and the complex battery management system and replace them with AGM batteries. 

I will do a seperate post on lithium batteries and my opinion about them for marine use.

Anyway, I found the Marina to be a good place to get work done and currently the all the decking is being removed, resanded and oiled...all the hardwood is being sanded back and reoiled and/or varnished.  I will post some photos on that shortly. 

After arriving in Langkawi and replacing the lithium batteries I took the boat on a test sail around the island.  Parts of Langkawi are quite interesting as you will see from some of the photos...but, I found the water quite dissapointing as it was not as clear as I would have liked...but, nonetheless it is a pleasant place.  It was possible to find secluded beaches and as such peaceful spots.

The landscape is quite interesting as you can see from the backdrop to the above photo and the others below.  The area where I anchored for the night in the above photo had lots of interesting caves.

In Bass Harbour there were a number of interesting vessels anchored.

Oh...on the NW corner of Langkawi there were lots of dolphins...unfortunately I didn't get any decent photos of them.

I am in New Zealand at the moment and will return early March to complete the final leg from Langkawi to Thailand.


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