A new Tender for Natural-High
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 03:16AM
Warren Matthews

If you having been following this blog for a while you may remember that I have a small Porta-bote dingy.  The idea of it was good at the time but the reality has not been so good.  That is not a negative on the dingy itself...they are quite brilliant but the 8' 6" model is just too small for the use that I wanted it for. 

It is not practical to dive out of and in choppy water it has it's limitations.  Also, it is not the greatest to tow and is a bit of a hassle to assemble and pack away again.

When we were getting towed to Singapore by Mark and his family on SV Relapse, Mark told me about a company in Auckland, New Zealand who had developed a range of inflatable catamaran dingies and he highly recommended them.  The company's name is Takacat, www.takacat.co.nz 

Anyway, I made contact with them and they shipped the version I selected to Singapore.  Bottom line...is that it is a fantastic boat.  It is has an inflatable floor but unlike most inflatables it is almost as rigid as an hard bottom.  With the catamaran configuration the stability if fantastic.  You can climb on board from any point.  With three people in it the 8hp out board planes it easily.

It is also very comfortable in choppy water and very dry.  It has a self baling floor.

Best of all it tows very well. I lift the bow up and have towed it at 9 knots in 25 knots of wind with no problem.  It also deflates into an easy to manage pack.  Wish I had got one before the start of the trip.

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