Marianna moves on to new Adventures...
Thursday, December 27, 2012 at 12:36AM
Warren Matthews

Marianna my crew lady finished her contract with me a few days ago on the 24th Dec.  She is now in Queensland, Australia for a music festival before heading down to Melboune to meet up with some friends and possibly crew on a yacht heading for New Zealand.  She is still deciding if she will go by push bike or motorcycle...yes, she rides a motorcycle and is planning a solo trip though eastern Russia and South America  on it.

She has already ridden a push bike through Cambodia and made her way overland from Scotland to Indonesia.  She is an adventurous young lady.

Marianna worked with me full time for almost a year and was on board for every stage of the voyage from New Zealand to Malaysia.  We had of course planned to be in Thailand by now which is why we set a date for the end of her contract for the 24th Dec.  But she ended up having to depart in Malaysia because she had a committment is Australia where she is participating in a music festival.

I thought that it was appropriate to do a blog entry about her as she has been an exceptional asset in the voyage.  She has been 100% reliable, never complained and has endured some pretty uncomfortable sea conditions as you would know if you have been following this blog.  The first leg out of New Zealand was horrendous and most people would have jumped ship at that time...but, she didn't.

We did not have any serious disagreements during the voyage which is quite remarkable as one hears horror stories all the time about friction between people on a long distance voyage.  So, if you own a yacht and are looking for crew for a future voyage I can highly recommend Marianna.  Just contact me for more details.

I no longer have the need for a permanent crew lady as for the foreseeable future I will just be doing short trips out of Thailand so I can enjoy the pleasures that the boat can offer and the beautiful cruising around that area.  So, I only need the occassional assistance of crew.  I will have a full time person maintaining and cleaning the boat in Phuket or Krabi in Thailand.

So...that is my tribute to Marianna...a pleasure to have had her on board for so long...and may she have many more enjoyable adventures...

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