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Bulbs fitted...


Just prior to the earthquake I arranged to slip 'Natural High' for some further work and fit the bulbs that I have referred to earlier.

If you have been reading previous posts you will be aware that I added some additional buoyancy aft to compensate for the additional decking.  I deliberately overcompensated as I wanted to fit these bulbs as I figured that it would improve overall performance with additional waterline length and make it better for running 'downhill'.

The result was excellent.  We made the bulbs slightly smaller than originally planned.  This is because I made a decision to purchase a dive compressor which will be fitted under the aft seat, also to fit a DC air-con unit for the starboard cabin.  In addition I have decided to replace the current genset with another one built in Australia.

All of the above will add some weight aft of the center of buoyancy.  The compressor is on hand as is the air-con unit...just waiting for the delivery of the genset.

The trim of the boat is slightly down at the bow but when simulating the weight of the air-con, compressor etc it is perfect...so, I am really happy with it.  The waterline is where it should be and I have been able to fit on all my extra 'comforts'.

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Reader Comments (6)

hi warren boat looks great most intrested in your bulbs !!!! we are altering maxs boat to get more boyncey to try stop banging we have increst stern of hulls also looking at bulbes may get him to ring if you are in nz!!!! regards graeme regreyballs

September 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commentergreyballs

Gidday Graeme...I am back in the country but have to go to the US on Friday. Give me a buzz on 021 656834 anytime except Tuesday.

October 2, 2011 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

I've been following your build with great interest...particularly with reference to the build quality in thailaind and the structural integrity issues...

Although you have turned the "landrover of the sea" into somewhat of a "range rover " with all the bells and whistles ...some of your ideas have been interesting and intuative..
however.. I cannot agree with your decision to put the "torpedoes" on the bows

In my opinion if you struck a peice of floating or semi submerged piece of debris at speed such as a pine or palm tree log, an abandoned fishing net or the like.. you are likely to rip the bow(s) clean off your boat and leave youself homeless in the middle of the ocean... and theres an awful lot of debris in the pacific at the moment

THe long raked bows and clean underwater profiles of traditionaly built 'fast craft' such as the type the wharrams were based on allowed them to ride over such under water obsticals without major damage
I was sailing a wharram recently when we sailed over a large bamboo pole... it rattled its way harmlessly underneath the boat with no damage...I daresay the result would have been entirely different with 'bouyancy pods'...
bulbous bows on ships on ships are not there for bouyancy puposes it is to do with the reduction of bow wave drag on blunt entries...
The choice to fit them is yours................I wouldn't

regards seadog

January 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersalty seadog

Hi Seadog,

Sorry for my long silence. This year has been very intense for me what with business commitments and getting the final touches to the boat for the coming voyage...which is less than a week away now.

I appreciate your comments on the bulbs but I am finding them quite good. The boat tracks beautifully with them. They have been designed out of polysterene and are not integral to the hull and can be ripped off without damaging the hull in any way. They have definitely helped with maintaining a good trim. I may have a different opinion after I have completed the 15,000 KM voyage.

May 4, 2012 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

thank for replying to my post ... the fact that they are indeed sacrificial in the event of a serious collision puts my mind at rest...the only thing now would be a regular fouling watch for stuff that could get hooked up.. even my nacra 16 sq gets its daggerboards fouled with weed , plastic bags and the like ( doesnt make for fast racing)

I wish you well on your voyage..may you have fair winds and following seas
regards... seadog

May 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterseadog

Thanks Seadog...most appreciated...

May 8, 2012 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

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