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Back to Normal...

Well sort of.  I have had no time to do either anything on the blog and very little on the boat since the end of February when we got hit with a massive earthquake here in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This followed on from a 7.2 quake here in Sept.  Although the Feb 22nd quake was a smaller one it was apparently the most violent every recorded under a city.  The vertical and side g forces were higher than anything every recorded before even in Japan.

Bottom line the devastation was significant with 900 building now being demolished in the CBD and about 10,000 homes.  Our factory was significantly damaged and we have had considerable business interruption...but, everything is now under control and I can resume the finishing of the final points for the boat.

If you are interested in this there is a lot of stuff on it on google...'Christchurch earthquake'

As a result of the disruption I have had to delay my departure from New Zealand for a year.

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G'day Warren

Been worried about you mate but happy everything is returning to normal. Your vessel looks tremendous and I wish you many safe sea miles in her. I think everyone was shocked at the devastation caused but I am sure the Kiwi spirit will prevail to overcome it.

Good luck in all you attempt

Kindest Regards

Chris Harrell

May 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris Harrell

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