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Some performance results...

Over the last few weeks I have been focusing on a multitude of little issues in commisioning the boat.  I will expand on the relevant ones over the next few weeks.

However, last Saturday I went out for a sail to test out a few systems.  I was also able to get a few interesting results which I am sharing with you now.

The below photos are as we were sailing down the harbor with a breeze around 20 - 25 knots.  You will note on the read out of the speed and wind that we were doing 11.2 knots in 22 knots of wind.  Later in the day when we were a few miles out at sea we recorded 14.4 knots in 30 knots of wind.  Unfortunately I didn't have the camera handy at that point.  We had full sail up and it rode beautifully.

I did take some video but I still haven't figured out how to upload it here...soon.

Another point of interest.  At 25 knots of wind and 11 knots of speed there was no spray at all, on any angle.  At 30 knots it was still dry until we reached over 13 knots and then we got the odd dose of spray...but, at no time did we have a wave 'thump' the underneath of the cockpit.


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Reader Comments (4)

Hey Warren, keep this stuff coming, you have no idea how good it was to read this after cycling 3 miles back from my barn in the freezing rain. Oh how I dream of getting 'Gleda' on the water. Can't wait for the video she looks absolutely gorgeous and as for the aft settee and swing lamps......

January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNeil

Hi Neil,

I can imagine how cold it is over your way at the moment. Makes it difficult to work on the boat. I am in Thailand at the moment but as soon as I get back I will talk to my IT guy and try to figure out the video thing.

I was talking to Gunther Nutt in Phuket a couple of days ago. As you probably know he builds a lot of Wharrams and he built the masts for my boat and coordinated the sails. I asked him about performance as I thought mine was pretty good, but it appears it is normal.

The key seems to be in getting the sails trimmed right. The day that these photos were taken I had an old NZ friend over from the USA where he skippers a 90' cat. He helped trimmed the sails and it certainly made a difference. But, as Gunther says it takes time...so the next few months will be interesting.

Yes, the aft settee is really great. I can stick it on auto-pilot and sit down comfortably and have a cold beer.

I hope this helps keep you going to push your project along.

January 13, 2011 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

Quick suggestion on your video.... I normally upload from camera into a file in my computer....then open Windows movie maker and do your editing, including music and trimming down the size of your video. Then your completed movie can be uploaded to Youtube.com after you open a free account..... then copy the URL of your new uploaded video and all you have to do is share the link with friends or the world.
There are numerous Wharram videos on youtube, sailing/construction/ect.
I have uploaded my surfing/rainforest explorations and learned quite a bit of the areas I travel to beforehand from others videos. If unfamilar with youtube, just type Wharram in the search box and you'll get some ideas b4 you work on your project..... my account is .... trickedout4u..... enjoy, Rick

March 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRick Jordan

Thanks Rick...I will sort this out shortly. I appreciate the advice.

May 14, 2011 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

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