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Why a Sailboat?

This is the question that some of my friends ask me when they know that I am building a sailing vessel.

The reason why they ask is no doubt because for the last 40 years I have had only power boats...all power catamarans ranging in 14' in length to 76' LOA and 27' beam...and all reasonably fast.  My 76' cat was capable of 30 knots and had a range of 4,000 NM at 20 knots.

From time to time I will post info on some of these previous boats.

I guess the short answer is that in years gone by I was always in to much of a hurry to get to where I was going.  That principle was inherent in almost everything I did.  Looking back on this period although I have no regrets I did tend to overlook the old but true saying 'the journey is more important than the destination'.

Now that I am older, and I hope a little wiser I realise that the journey and the present time is all that counts and it is futile trying to get somewhere faster and faster.  Therefore I am now learning to enjoy the moment and not be in a hurry and hence the transition from power boats to a sail boat although I will still keep my twin outboard power cat in New Zealand.


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