Purpose of this Blog

This blog was started to follow the construction of a new Wharram Tiki 38 and after its completion the voyages which will follow and be logged at this blog.

The vessel which is plan #110 started life in Thailand at the yard of Raoul Bianchetti an Italian boatbuilder who has been based in Thailand for the last 12 years. It follows hard on the heels of Tiki 38 #109 also being built at the same location for Creed O’Hanlon of Australia.

Most Wharram cats are homebuilt and many of them are done to a high standard…some not so. However, I don’t have the patience or the inclination for a ‘home build’.

‘Natural High’ which is the name of the new vessel was due to be completed some time during 2009 but it took a great deal longer than this mainly due to the need to ship the hulls to New Zealand for completion because on poor workmanship at the hands of Raoul. Some of the trials and tribulations of that are covered in the blog.

The work was taken over by Davie Norris a well respected New Zealand boat builder in Christchurch.  They made a beautiful job and 'Natural-High' was launched in November 2010.  As at November 2012 she is in Singapore and I will take her through to Thailand and arrive there in January.

I hope that this blog is helpful for anyone building a similar boat with intentions to sail it offshore.